Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DC Mess

No matter what side of the fence you stand on, nearly everyone agrees that things are a mess in Washington.  But when the deadly shooting rampage landed as the top news story yesterday, my knees went weak as I read in horror.  Partisan bickering pales in comparison to this ugly news.  The thought that someone would gain access to a locked government building and start shooting innocent people.  Frightening.  And scary how "another shooting" is just the way we cast it off and go about our day, turning from the pain, the threat, once we are personally cleared to return to our normal lives.

I waited a couple of hours and then texted my baby, my capable son, Joe, who moved to the District last month.  He had just learned of the news, via his own browsing break, and hadn't read up on it that much.  He tried to reassure me that he was in a locked government building.

I had to let go of how I thought the day should've play out.  Eventually I had to exit the CNN screen and turn back to my to-dos.

We can make decisions, we can pontificate on our points of view, all day long, but when these horrible events slap us out of our routines, it's a cold reminder that we sure aren't running the show.

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