Friday, December 28, 2012

What? WoT

WoT - The Web of Things

We are already so connected to all-things-web that there are new, mostly online (ha!), global conversations about digital detox - about the need to ditch the devices, go offline and reinvest in what really matters, in relationships.

In technology circles, I've heard more and more about WoT - the initiative to convert traditional things to web-connected SMART things that can store and share data - and can also allow programming so the devices can make decisions.  Kinda like The Jetsons.

We're already doing this.  If you have the newer equipment that controls DIRECTV, you can make a last-minute and remote decision - from nearly anywhere - and make your DVR at home record a favorite show or game.  Others can monitor their home's security and energy consumption from afar.  If my children were still in daycare, you can bet I'd be leveraging technology somehow.

On Christmas Day, with everyone gathered around the brunch table, we sat and scribed 2013 goals.  Ian wants to write an app.  I've been thinking about that.  From mundane tasks to opportunities where precision is required, where will we trend?  What do we want? 

I'd like someone to refrigerate the red about 20 minutes before I arrive home and also draw my bath.

Oh...I already get's my Shawn app.  Back to reinvesting in relationships.


  1. Hopefully there is never a need to update or replace the Shawn app.