Monday, December 10, 2012

He's In!

Remember how I talked about Austin last week?

Well, he's in!  He's been admitted to The University of Iowa College of Dentistry!  This is a top-tier school, one of the best in the nation, and the only one in the country to offer every ADA-recognized specialty!  And he'll only be 30 minutes from home!  We are overjoyed.

He's going to be a Hawkeye, or, in his words, a DuHawkeye!  I can't wait to share the town with him!


  1. whoot, whoot, as the kids would say. "friends and family" discount seems in order!

  2. He is very lucky to have had you in his corner all these years! I thank you for all you have done for him.

  3. Yay, Austin! What a HUGE accomplishment.