Monday, December 3, 2012


The end of Austin's cross-country days are here and, while he is gearing up for one more track season, he is starting to realize that there are other things to chase - like dent school.  He spent a lot of his day today on the UI campus, interviewing at the College of Dentistry for a chance to be one of the lucky 70 (out of 400 chosen to interview from the pool of 900 applicants).  Fingers crossed for this 3-time All American standout, who has logged more than 12,000 miles in college.  We love you, Aust!  On to new challenges and new victories - no matter what path you choose!  Cheering from the cheap seats, I will be betting on you forever...xoxo, mom

This is typical Austin - when I asked who
 "them" was - he told me it was the team.

Proud fan.

Goodbye, season, er, career.

After today's interview, I just had to treat him
to a Gatorade at the Den.


  1. Fingers crossed for my fave LC Runner!!!

  2. Nice tribute from a Mom who has been there for Austin. Cheers to both of you!! Proud Hubby & Dad.

  3. I love everything about this post. But I think my favorite is the third picture (the one of Shawn and Austin). It's so sweet. Cheers to Austin and his amazing college running career!