Saturday, July 30, 2016

Saturday in Seattle

We started the day with an early morning run down by Elliott Bay waterfront, strengthened by the beauty of Puget Sound. The busy town was quiet, just waking up, and we needed to get in a few miles before our workshop, which I will discuss in a separate post.

After a stimulating day, we returned downtown and traveled to Waterfall Park in the Pioneer Square neighborhood, the original Seattle neighborhood. We saw the birthplace of United Parcel Service started in 1907 by two young men. The plaque that Shawn stood next to was appropriately brown. Dinner tonight was at The Brooklyn. Naturally, I had the salmon with a regional Pinot Noir. Shawn had a local Pilsner with the Bouillabaisse.


  1. Had a blast today with JLS!!! Enjoyed every moment

  2. Looks like you two are having fun in Seattle! Enjoy your time together and cheers to your anniversary tomorrow!!!!