Sunday, July 31, 2016


Tonight we finished Day 2 of a weekend workshop for couples sponsored by the Gottman Institute and called "The Art and Science of Love".  It was presented by Dr. John Gottman and his wife Dr. Julie Gottman, world-renowned professionals on all-things-relationships. He is a research scientist with 40 years of research (and 46 books) with thousands of couples. She is a respected clinical psychologist Who works with couples and families. They were a phenomenal teaching team and made their lectures and exercises fun, playful, and very instructional.  You know, when I told people back home that we were attending a couples workshop, I often got the inquiry: "Is everything OK?" It dawned on me that when you have plans to go to the gym, no one says is everything OK? It is a given that you have to keep maintaining your body, or trying to improve your body. So it is with relationships... We learned many valuable tools that I will share in future posts. The experience was well worth our efforts.

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  1. I wouldn't current everyone who has the opportunity to attend a Gottman workshop to do so You learned so much about yourself and your partner and your relationship So glad we attended!!