Monday, February 1, 2016

Love Month!

Happy February.  This month is designated for many things, and I support most of them, but for me, it's love month.  It's cold outside, daylight is still minimal, there are more exciting times of the year...unless you decide to celebrate the love you have in your life.

And so in case you haven't heard about Dr. Willard F. Harley's work (he saves and improves marriages), I want to share a little of it, as it has helped me, not only in my closest love relationship, but actually the concepts work with any important relationship. 

His most awesome contribution is his concept of "The Love Bank" - and I'm thinking love month is a great time to discuss this.  He (duh!) believes that everything couples do affects their love for each other either positively or negatively.

Dr. Harley contends that we each have a love bank for each of our important relationships.  We have an account for each relationship and when we feel love from the person, we add deposits.  When we sense the ugly stuff (hostility, resentment, anger, etc.) we withdraw from that account.  A full account triggers the feelings often associated with falling in love (acceptance, security, euphoria).

The thing you obviously want to avoid is withdrawing more than you deposit.  In fact, you never want to get the account too low (not unlike the gas tank, or your real bank account, I guess).

I heard about his book from a trusted source and plan to discuss it in further detail with you throughout this incredible month.

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