Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Too Much Trust

I've heard that when you trust someone, you either have a friend...or a life lesson.  I can hold this thought for way too long, turning it over like a rough rock and trying to put a polish to it.

It's natural to trust those we know, especially if no one has turned on us too much.

Weird that this can relate to some IT security topics I'm reviewing.  It seems that cyber attackers, those we don't know are lying to us, may be infecting our memories and stealing from us, too.  Just like real relationships that have gone bad, they can create this seemingly innocent connection - they ask for info, they create urgency, they ignore, they steal, all based on the trust they created and abused with you.

So when you next get a questionable email or an instant message or a text, and you are commanded to click a link, or open an attachment, or reply with personal info - question it!  Always be cautious and assume your best interests are not being considered.  Think before handing over the most valuable thing you possess, your ability to trust.

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