Friday, February 19, 2016

Honesty really IS the Best Policy!

We remember all our childhood lessons about Pinocchio.  I remember all the trips to the confessional.

We know lying is wrong, even if it's easy and convenient.

And in marriage?  To those who say that some lies actually spare your partner's feelings, well, then, where do you draw the line?  Lies about the past are okay, but lies about the present aren't?  Is that how you want to live?

If you want a good marriage, you have to be honest with each other, about everything, and often.  It has to be one of your habits, if not an instinct.

Because it's the only way to really understand each other.  It's the only way to really make each other happy.  This is straight from the work of Dr. Willard Harley.

Honesty is the seat belt of your marriage - it's the only way to ensure your safety.

In his Policy of Radical Honesty, Dr. Harley recommends:

Reveal to your spouse as much information
about yourself as you know; your thoughts,
feelings, habits, likes, dislikes, personal history,
daily activities, and plans for the future

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