Monday, January 4, 2016

The Morning After Vacation

It went so well, that little trip of ours.  It was a nice mix of planning, but not overplanning (quite a feat for several of us Type As).  We arranged dinner buddies, but not dinner, or serving time.  We felt only the pressure of the fading sun as we gathered to admire the lightshow of sunsets each night, and we wholeheartedly seemed to enjoy each other.

It was the perfect mix of togetherness...with cocktails.

The best way to get away from Monday depression is to get on the grateful train.  Write three things down today that I'm grateful for?  Love, loyalty, and airplanes.
The sunset, from my office window, not quite the same as
looking out at the Gulf of Mexico, but hey, I work to live!

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  1. "Love, loyalty and airplanes" - sounds like an album name. Love it!