Thursday, October 15, 2015

Trees and Vineyards

We had another banner day knocking around in NorCal today...

We thought we were just starting the morning with a quick visit to Muir Woods. It was so much more than that, as we were overwhelmed with the beauty of this natural "cathedral" of redwoods. The ages of the trees range from 400 to 800 years (we saw one over a thousand years old), their height up to 250 feet. We certainly got our steps in, walking the easy trails that loop around four foot bridges and two levels - of course, there is so much more that we didn't take the time to do (next time!).

Muir Woods National Monument was established in 1908 when President Theodore Roosevelt signed legislation to protect an old-growth coast redwood forest from destruction.  So thankful that this area is protected and welcoming to all.

Next, we traveled to two wineries in Sonoma (Jacuzzi and Cline) and then on to Napa (Silverado Winery - owned by one of the Disney daughters).  It is always exciting to try a little vino, but especially to try it in the world famous region for wine growing!
I found the winery - and the wine- that Jamie recommended!
Best Cab ever - our new "friends" from NYC shared it with us ($150/bottle)
Our view from the Silverado winery porch

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