Monday, October 12, 2015

CA - south from Stanford to Carmel

The Stanford Dish Hike - on the south edge of campus, a
breathtaking 4 mile hike with views of Stanford and the Bay.  
Santa Cruz, West Cliff Drive - a sweet walking trail with lots of dolphin (and hippie) watching.
Cannery Row in Monterey - honoring native son John Steinbeck.
We recommend the Big Sur Ale (SJ) and the Monterey Wheat (JL).
San Carlos Cathedral, Monterey - opened in 1794.
We bought a $4 candle - for you.  Love you all.  We talked about you and asked for God's grace on you.
Carmel-by-the-Sea - nice ocean, lots of dogs and seaweed.
Edged by Pebble Beach Golf Course.
My BFF, it's just that simple - love this guy!
Our coutyard - we proclaimed it happy hour central!

What a fun day we had - We started on the edge of the Stanford Campus
and then traveled to Santa Cruz, Monterey, and setting in Carmel.  We saw a lot of migrant farm workers, picking brussel sprouts, artichokes, and avocados (5/$1).

Carmel is dog country - not my deal.  Beaches are better in Florida, but they do have the ocean here and that is hard to resist.

We went to dinner in Carmel - took the flashlights provided by the hotel and walked downtown (they don't have streetlights and it is pitch black after sunset).

A couple of experiences that stuck with me - THE BEST bartender, ever, at Barmel (Oscar).
He told us about his 2nd wife, his 2nd family, and the pain and uphill battle of blended life.  He has older kids, in Washington State, and they don't like him very much.  And he has a 3/y/o daughter - who thinks he is the real deal. We were teary-eyed when we left and tipped him well.

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  1. Love this. So glad you're blogging your adventures!