Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Jacob Steil Special

I've been away from home for nearly two weeks - heavily involved in welcoming my first grandchild - a boy - into the world. It's been such an honor, to have a front row seat during these early days of his life.  He is perfection and I'm finally able to see that for what it is - a grandmother's love. 

I probably hold him too much.  I know it's harder on me (and his mama) than him when he cries.  I'm spending some time trying to discern his cries, what they mean, how I can help.  I love him so much.

I like the night shift:  the house is quiet, I feel my efforts have value because others can sleep, I get quiet snuggles and, every day, a better understanding of who this perfect little human being actually is, and a better understanding of who I am, too.

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