Monday, March 16, 2015


Christmas is coming...and it's around April 3 this year!

Kate begins her 38th week and I'm beginning to pace. 

She has created and completed her lengthy pre-baby checklist and is perfectly poised for what's coming.  Me?  I'm not exactly sure how to get ready.  I'm obsessively topping off my gas tank and phone battery, not sure at all that I will be prepared for the call, which is relatively minor, considering the bigger call - becoming a grandmother!

We spent this past weekend doing noisy and dusty renovations in the lower level of the Special home, all in advance of the really big excitement ahead.  The best part of of the weekend was feeling baby move...and kick!

It's really amazing.  We will meet someone very beloved, very soon.  And I will experience my girl in a new way, a new light, soon, too.

I'm hoping she enjoys her firstborn as much as I have.

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