Sunday, April 5, 2015

You've Got This

I spent the last 16 days by your side, watching as you labored positively and birthed your son bravely.  It was an honor to witness the raw you, the real you, in serious and tough and tender moments.

And now you've given your Jacob to the world, to all of us who love him so much, with your tireless efforts and watchful eye.  You've got have educated and prepared yourself, and have a trusted circle of new mamas to lean on.   And I'm nearby. 245 miles is nothin'.  And even though I will miss our midnight snacks and pre-dawn diatribes about children's rights and society's responsibilities, and our sweet talks about a parent's role in the way a child experiences life, I will roll over at night, thanking God for your devotion to my Grandson, thanking God for the gift of you.

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