Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Day

Happy birthday to my original BFF - that girl I treasure more as every year whirs by.

I trust her thoroughly and depend on her and value her so much so that I've made the radical move (not one I've done before):  I'm not working on May 21.  It's my damn birthday and as my friend Virginia said, "No one is going to spoil you at work!"

I may have cried on my actual birthday, but since then, every May 21 has been a certifiable celebration, often driven by my desire to hang up the plans, the worry, the concerns - for just a day.  A day for me, to ponder the meaning of life, or a day to just let go.  More than cake and presents, I so enjoy the calls and cards and FB love - the reminder that I'm connected, that I matter, that someone has remembered me. 

I will get up early and quietly and hopefully do some writing and then start sweetly the day with my beloved, walking and talking and getting coffee.  I plan to ride the day away, doing just what I want to do, and not really caring for the constantly running faucet of email that is pouring in, not having an agenda, not being on guard, not being on stage.

For a little while, it will be all about me and affirm what I've always really known, in between my doubts and insecurities - I'm surprised it's not a national holiday, May 21, as it is the day that this pretty cool person I love came into the world.

“The cake had a trick candle that wouldn't go out, so I didn't get my wish. Which was just that it would always be like this, that my life could be a party just for me.”

Janet Fitch, White Oleander


  1. It is YOUR day, and I'm so happy that you are spending it with someone I know will spoil you as you deserve. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIL2B! xo

  2. Happy birthday mom! I hope you have the great day that you deserve. I will be thinking of you and celebrating you today.

  3. Oh you matter................more than you know to more people than you think. Thanks for spending your day with me.

  4. Happy belated to my beautiful mama! I'm glad you spent the day reveling in being YOU!