Friday, March 22, 2013

Oatmeal is Good For You

It happens, as they say, when you least expect it.

This morning, as I was draining the last of the cereal from box to bowl, it came on and shook me to my core.  They're gone.

They packed up and left, one by one, and it seemed as natural as breakfast at the time.

They should be here, in this cold dark kitchen, fighting over the empty canister oatmeal box - Matt grabbing it to pound like a drum, mimicing an Indian warpath dance.  Kate snatching it, planning to use it for her ribbons, to cover it with construction paper and decorate it with stars.  Joe should be in the highchair, generally amused, giggling and screaming for more raisins.

It's twenty degrees on the third day of Spring and, almost as unexplainable, is that they are far from this place - foregoing breakfast, no doubt; rushing to work, living their lives.


  1. Thank you, my dear friend for the important reminder for me to enjoy and cherish every single precious, crazy moment with my girls right now! I know you did...and as a result, you have wonderful and amazing relationships with your adult children. :) You continue to be a true inspiration to me in so many ways! I love you and I miss you, Jen! I hope to see you again soon, Sister! Please let me know the next time that you will be visiting in Chicago...I would love to meet up with you!

  2. Really, really well written.