Monday, February 25, 2013

Misunderstandings, Damaged Reputations, and other Risks of Living

Just a little shout-out about watching what you say...and what you post on social media sites.

Someone, the other day, remarked about someone posting on someone else's wall (they weren't sure where or what was said, only that something had been said) about something political in nature that was directly and decisively against what they believe and how they voted.

That's just not me.  It might come out around the edges, but I really try to keep a lid on it.

As I've said before, we all have different perspectives and experiences and we all have the right to exercise.  Live and let live, right?

And yet, this was out there.  That I said something I really didn't say.  Drama anyone?  No thank you!  Someone made a FB comment and it wasn't mine!  Not me, sir!  I have a long and successful history of AVOIDING conflict (and fairly boring FB posts)!

Have you ever felt your privacy was violated because someone posted a picture of you?  Has anyone made a snap judgment, fifteen assumptions, and then passed it on?  Frustrating, huh!  Any time you engage with people, you run the risk of infringement, but geez, information about you these days can be shared in so many ways and it can be SO wrong!  Unwanted attention or solicitation is something we all want to avoid, but what about misunderstandings?  After this blog post, I'm going to settle into some tweeting with a favorite Rick Warren reminder:  If you are driven by the approval of others, you will die by their rejection! 

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