Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Last full day

We've had a great day! It started with a FaceTime session with JSS - he wanted to see the ocean.  He loves to see the ocean when we talk.  We then headed out for one of our last runs, got back, and hopped on the hotel bikes for a ride out to Carolina Beach, near Pinones.  It was great fun to see more of the city.  We returned to lounge one last day by the pool and then cleaned up and ventured to Old Town for a nice, final dinner, at AguaViva.  It was another perfect day.

FaceTime with JSS; showing him the ocean.
Riding the city, oceanside.
At Pinky's they give you the blender, which means seconds on your smoothie!
Love their lattes.
Stepping out, without my stepping out shoes.
I'll have the salmon, and he's ordered the mahi-mahi.
I'm going to miss this place.
Thankfully, he's coming home with me.

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  1. Looks like such a wonderful trip - can't wait to have you back!