Friday, January 13, 2017

Casual Friday

We are two hours ahead of central time, but the truth is we've lost track completely of the hour it is at any given time of the day today.  That's very strange for us, a couple of people tied to the time for ever, it seems.

We started the day with a long run to Viego San Juan (old San Juan) and then we walked around. getting iced Starbucks, and noting how weird it felt to not have an agenda, not have a worry or a deadline.  We noticed as we walked around Old San Juan, that it was such a mix of places we've visited - a little bit Prague, and then, suddenly, a street that looked like DC, Palo Alto, and then, one more street over, a little bit New Orleans.  What a melting pot it is.

We ran back, grabbed some nuts, and lounged around the hotel in the afternoon, choosing between the 4 pools, drinking Bacardi Limon and Diet Coke, and reading (what luxury!).

Then, we cleaned up and headed out on the town, first to Pannes, recommended by a cabbie, where we shared a bottle of wine, learned to salsa dance, and grabbed some dinner.  After, we tried our hand at the local casino (nothing to report there)...

What a great day!
Not's Puerto Rico!
Our view.  Could you ever get tired of this?
Shawn:  Relaxing. There.  I've documented it.
Love Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton
Salsa Lesson!  6-7-2-3.  Repitir!

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