Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mama Me

My pride for Kate, Matt, and Joe is with me every day.  I consider their childhoods and hold my breath that they remember it even better than I do.  I'm so entertained with the thoughts of our lives together, in the early years.  Kate was my loyal assistant, Matt the one who kept us grounded and encouraged all of us to have some fun, and Joe did the entertaining.

As I remember it, they got along perfectly, said their prayers and ate their vegetables.  My only real challenge was that Joe gave up naps at the same time as Kate.  But that's as bad as it was.  It was a pure joy, a pure honor, to be with them and show them the way.  While our memories are built on bias, I know, I can say with more than a little certainty that I felt daily, a concurrent heavy responsibility and the sheer joy of their lives, and that feeling was matched with my personal pride at the biggest assignment and gift ever given me.

Without hesitation, I can tell you my life's best work is my children.  And their thank you to me is the way they are leading their lives.

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  1. A proud Mama for sure and for good reason. You did an amazing job!! This is your gift to the world. The world is lucky.