Friday, March 25, 2016

Priorities? I don't have time for those!

If you haven't seen a variation on this wonderful theme of managing your time and setting your priorities, this is my Friday treat for you - this animation.

Hopefully the animation isn't a waste of your time.

Hopefully you have, or are thinking about, setting priorities for the big stuff in your life, the rocks, and not letting yourself get too distracted - or stressed - by the little things. 

What are your rocks? 

Your rocks, whatever you've identified, are your priorities.  An instructor who talked about this in a leadership class hinted that, on first blush our priorities are money, success, promotion, family, the feeling of success.

Then, the instructor told us to imagine a 1,000 foot steel I-Beam laying on the ground.  If you were offered $1 million to walk across it, would you?  Of course, everybody agreed they would!  Easy peasy.

Yep, we'd all walk for money :)

Then, we were to imagine the beam spanning across the roofs of some very high towers and we were asked again if we would walk across the beam.  Of course, we all said no.  We demonstrated that we value our safety more than money.

But then, the instructor postured, what if you were a parent of a young child, and that young child was at the other end of the beam, walking towards you, what would you do?  Parents in the group were demonstrative about their decision to rush towards their child.

So...what are your priorities?  Your rocks?

Maybe, just maybe, they are family, safety, and THEN money.

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