Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Getting Your Fun On

One of the fun-damental tenets of marriage is that you have a companion with whom you enjoy life's varied experiences.  The fun you collect from hanging out can be big or small, and doesn't always have to be sunset watching on a patch of warm sand with a cold beverage. 

We do this quite naturally, during the dating phase:  bowling, skating, bird-watching, whatever.

Somewhere down the line, once the ink is dried, some couples forget that one of the big reasons they decided to marry is that life is sweeter together, a discovery they make because of sharing mutually enjoyable activities.  Ramping up our recreational time together can jumpstart everything.

Dr. Harley has a useful tool - the REI (Recreational Enjoyment Inventory):

Print out two copies of that inventory, answer individually, and then compare answers.

You might just make some connections (it's official, we both love movies and dining out), and some discoveries (we'll apparently be playing volleyball more often than we have in the 20+ years we've been together).

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