Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Another perfect day in paradise!  We had a late morning girls outing - first to Target and then to the nail salon (thanks KJS)! The best part was the lingering conversation over pink Moscato while the nails dried with my two girls.

We played on the beach in the afternoon and then my dinner buddy (Kelly) and I spent a few minutes in the kitchen making chicken enchiladas and Mexican salad (aka "two hour salad"). We had a marg/guac happy hour and dessert involved two chocolate kinds of cookies, fresh and warm with ice cream. In the evening, we played Phase 10 and lit sparklers and Roman candles. The time with this group of loved ones has been such a blessing and the memories will keep me smiling for a good while!

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  1. When I read "a few minutes in the kitchen" I started laughing out loud. I'm so happy you were my dinner buddy. You rocked that "two hour salad!"