Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Mornings in Manasota Key

As much as I like sitting around in the dark listening to the ocean on our deck in the evening with the kids, I really value the mornings. We usually sleep in here (per Cedar Rapids standards), and wake up to the sounds of Jacob in the family room. We typically find Kate on the floor playing with him and we creep around the corner and he looks up at us with delight. We encourage Kate to go back to bed and we grab Jacob and the stroller and head out. In between talking about the beauty of the neighborhood and the sounds of the ocean and exotic birds, we plan strategy for morning breakfast. Sometimes it's boxed muffins; today it was fresh bacon and egg-spinach-mushroom muffins. We meet like-minded friends on our walk, and they always generously agree that our grandson is the most handsome baby they've ever seen!

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