Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Hang on Gidget and Elvis...look out Jen Aniston and Chelsea Handler...we're here in Malibu!

It's a gorgeous French-Riviera-like beach town with celebs and mansions atop the Santa Monica mountains, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Malibu's coastline is a narrow stretch of beach running parallel to the four lane, heavily-traveled Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), the only north - south road in the city. The beaches are natural beauties, with segments reserved for non-public access, and other areas of the water designated for surfers only.  The cliffs and canyons on the other side of PCH are breathtaking!

After Steve's famous eggs and ham, aka "Shipwreck", and lots of time on our deck staring at our pet seagull Herman and the wide blue expanse of ocean, we spent the afternoon hours at Malibu Lagoon State was great until we returned to our towels on the beach to discover the seagulls had ripped open and eaten our bag of Doritos and then, returning to our rental, we found out we parked in a no parking zone.  Oh, 'Bu!

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  1. The Bud Light on Dad's head is my favorite thing ever. Miss you guys!!