Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Little Sis

Happy birthday to the only person in the world who made me an older sibling, my little sis, Marie!  Even as a six-year-old, I think I was fairly happy to make room for her.

When I visited her many years ago during the workday, I found her in the corner office, big windows looking out on the downtown Minneapolis traffic.  As she sat in her director's chair, it occurred to me that the "catching up" phase of our lives was over.  She had clearly surpassed me in so many ways.  (As an IT person at the time, I had barely a broom's closet in an internal hallway to hang my work hat.)

Even today, I find her humble and refreshing on her approach to her work, to her life.  And I really, really like her candor.  As the baby of our big family, she calls most of the family shots and is always brief, firm, and accurate.  And then she says something hilarious.  Love you, PMR!
On the dance floor in Dubuque, on Danny's dime!

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