Thursday, June 5, 2014

Joseph Francis

Happy birthday to my baby boy, my big son, my consultant and dear Joe.

A quarter-century ago + one day ago - I was eating a grilled pork chop and wondering if you would arrive on Marie's birthday.  The Beijing horror distracted me from the very obvious work at hand - delivering you to the world.  It is not lost on me, now, that you, too, would've soaked in the coverage, despising the tyranny, what was happening to the pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square.

Like those students, you are interested in freedom and liberty and I enjoy our random and, sometimes lengthy, conversations about these important core values.  I like the history lessons you share with me and how you connect the dots between countries and conquerors and help me draw more sophisticated conclusions about the world and my part in it.

Clearly you have evolved in the last quarter century...and I have, too.  Thanks for the birthday gift.  I am better because of you.

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  1. Happy birthday, JF!!!!!!

    Side note: I think I took at least 2 of those photos. #humblebrag