Thursday, February 20, 2014

Please don't fall

I know Jimmy Fallon doesn't need my help, but I expected someone would guide his landing this week.  I liked Leno but also am okay that the torch was passed...but I did think the new show would be different than his Late Night show.  That, given the audience might be a little different, so would the show.  Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed tuning in - U2 at the top of the Rock was sweet and I like his style; no doubt I'll be somewhat faithful.   But after the first few inaugural Tonight Show episodes, I feel he has made the move in name only and that the NBC executives are making another hasty decision in not insisting on Fallon rev 2.

I like Jimmy.  I think he's talented, cute, funny.  His skits leave me in stitches.  But he needs to remember he is traveling on a different road now.  He's showing up in our lives an hour earlier - while I'm still wide awake and thinking critically.  I want more than goofy impressions.  I want more than silly youtube-type jokes.  I want political jokes, current event jokes, I want to use my brain while I laugh senselessly.

I don't work in television, but his workplace questions shouldn't be much different than ours:

1.  Why are we here? 

2.  What does my community, those we serve, need most?  

3.  What can we stop doing so that we can step up and do something better something that is more important?

4.  What matters most to us?  

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  1. Tune into The Daily Show and you'll never go back to The Tonight Show.