Monday, April 29, 2013

Run...or Please Watch

We had the pleasure of watching Austin in one of his final runs as a DuHawk at the Loras Open on Saturday, both in the Steeplechase and the 5000 m.  He is getting some recognition for his Steeplechase wins - do you know about that race?  It originated in the British Isles back in the day when horses and riders raced between towns, jumping streams and low stone walls and using the town's steeples as their markers.  Anyway, the 3000 m race was won on Saturday by Austin.  See this cool pic below!

Like so many, I've been thinking a lot about runners and spectators lately. 

We can appreciate the tenacity of the disciplined runner, but after Boston, let's consider the people who come out to watch runners run - those of us who provide encouragement by screaming "you got it!" and "looking good!" and "step it up!"

They say running can be a lonely sport, but it's never lonely when someone is cheering you on.

As Kathrine Switzer (women's marathoning pioneer) said:  

If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.

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  1. Almost 2 miles in under 10 minutes? Holy smokes.

    Major kudos to Austin and his faithful cheering section!