Monday, December 12, 2016

Home Court Advantage

Happy Holidays!

My eye caught an inbox article on how to maintain weight during the holidays...many interesting tips, such as:  instead of declaring "I won't eat any cookies during the holidays!" you might decide "I won't eat any cookies today!"  It's basically an AA mindset.  Avoid the sugar, the salt, the fat...just for today. 

There is also this from MyFitnessPal:
Tighten your home court...eliminate unintentional and totally not-worth-it splurges.
That’s why during the holidays it is more important than ever to lean on your Home Court Habits to keep you on track.  Your HCH are things that make your life awesome (right?). If you have enough impactful habits, you should normally be able to get away with doing “most of them, most of the time” and maintain your weight and health.  During the holidays make sure to maintain as many HCH as possible, and do “all of them, most of the time.”  This is the best possible thing you can use your willpower on during the holidays.

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