Monday, August 29, 2016

Privacy? Or Secrecy? Oh Please!

There's a big difference between privacy and secrecy and ancient conversations about how even married people deserve their right to privacy.  And yes, yes, we do!

Privacy is what you might want somewhere in your house, say maybe when you are trying on a pair of pants that you know won't slide over those big-boned hips of yours.  Privacy is for bathroom business, birthday gifts, imminent surprises, that kind of thing.

Secrecy is something else entirely.  If you cover your internet tracks so your spouse doesn't know where you have virtually visited, or don't share your mobile pass codes so your spouse can't access your texts or emails or videos, consider this your warning to rethink those habits.  Maybe it's just a pair of shoes or tool you purchased and you have just "forgotten" to tell your partner about it.  Maybe it's your fears, your feelings, your friends, your fantasies.

What are you hiding?  Why aren't you sharing with the person you have chosen as your life mate? If these questions bother you, it may be important that you invade that space, in your head. Nothing good comes if you choose this road; this dishonesty will only grow and can lead you down a very painful path.  There is no intimacy where dishonesty exists.

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